Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your ceremonies legally binding?

At the present time, and unlike Scotland and Northern Ireland, England and Wales celebrant wedding ceremonies are not recognised as legal marriages. However, all you would have to do is register your marriage at your local registry office. You just need two witnesses.  You don’t need to exchange rings, or walk down the aisle or say vows – just sign the register.  You can do this a few weeks, days or even earlier in the day ahead of your fun Celebrant-led ceremony. Similarly, you could have your Celebrant-led ceremony first and then sign your marriage certificate at a later time.

Why should we have a Celebrant-led wedding instead of a registrar or vicar?

When you book a registrar:

  • You meet them on the day when they "interview" you to make sure you're who you say you are.
  • They have to stick to the prescribed wording in their legal ceremony script.
  • They have limited timing so there is no time for adding anything personal.
  • It's the same words that the couple before you had - only your names are changed. There is nothing personal.
  • You can only have your ceremony at a licensed venue.

HOWEVER! Celebrant-led wedding ceremony, you can have a day that’s exactly where you want and when you want.  You have ultimate control and I can help you create something that is entirely unique and meaningful to you. If you want to have your ceremony at sunset on a summer evening, you can do it.  If you want your ceremony on a beach or at a favourite woodland spot, you can have it.  All of the vows, readings, poems and any other special elements are chosen by you to make it unique to you and your partner.

When you book me:

  • I engage with you in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding ceremony.
  • I write your ceremony carefully and with love and attention to detail.
  • Your ceremony will last as long as you want it to - everything is personal to you both.
  • I never use the same ceremony twice - after all, no one has your love story!
  • You can have your ceremony wherever and whenever you want. Beach? Yes! Garden? Yes! On a ship dressed as pirates - WHY NOT!

What can we expect in our ceremony?

The warmest, most fun and memorable wedding you could wish for! It is imperative that I capture the essence of who you are as a couple; your story and your beliefs and characteristics. I believe it’s also essential to create the tone and atmosphere that you need on your wedding day. I will work with you so that between us, we can create the exact ceremony that you have always wanted.

How long do your ceremonies last?

It’s your ceremony so it is entirely up to you! However, most ceremonies last around 30- 45 minutes depending on what you would like to include but if you want it to be longer or shorter, I can work around that.

Where are you based and can you travel?

I am Devon based but love being outside and travelling to new towns and cities. I'm happy to travel anywhere in the country (or even abroad) for your ceremony so if you're having a destination wedding or something far away, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What does it cost?

My current pricing starts at £550. This includes all the planning, writing and redrafting of your unique wedding ceremony, as well the amazing ceremony delivered on your day. Your day is created just for you and the most important thing is to celebrate who you are, your love story and your dreams for the future and I create ceremonies that are memorable, unique and meaningful to the both of you.

Do you charge expenses?

I charge for petrol to drive outside of the West Country or travel tickets which you are welcome to book on my behalf. If you are having an evening ceremony and it’s necessary to stay overnight, I will charge for accommodation but will always try and keep this to a minimum for you.

What’s involved/how do I work with you?

We would start by having an initial chat on Skype or Facetime. This is mainly so we can say hello – first impressions are so important and I can answer any questions you might have. You can talk to me about your plans and then if you decide you would like to make the booking, we can go from there.

After that, if you are in the South West, I can come to you and we have a more in depth chat. This is  where I find out your story and all about the two of you - the most important part. We then begin putting your ceremony together. I then go away and start drafting your ceremony. In the months leading up to your ceremony, I send you the first draft.  You make amendments, adding in or taking away aspects that you like or don’t want to include and we can do that until you are 100% happy.  Then it’s all down to the big day where I deliver your wonderful ceremony for everyone to see.

Do we have to say the normal vows that a registrar would say?

Absolutely not! Your vows are the promises you are going to make to each other  This should be your own words as no one knows each other like you do! Your love is unique and so should your vows be! This is the part of the ceremony that people love to hear – so make them your own! I can take you through that step by step.  Your vows can be kept separate from each other so that on the day, you will hear what the other has to say for the first time and your guests will be just as happy and surprised as you will.

Can you just do the basic ceremony that a registrar would do?

I am proud to offer a unique service to create a really meaningful and personal ceremony for you both.  I am happy to discuss with you. However, if you really do want a replica of what would happen with a registrar – I’m sure that there are many celebrants out there that would be happy to do that for you.

Can you add in religious/non-religious aspects?

My ceremonies are completely secular and I will happily read aloud any religious materials you wish to include. I can also include traditional and cultural rituals (e.g Greek plate smashing) and symbolic gestures. Hand-fastings and ring warming are popular ways to reflect you as a couple.  Take a look at my Elements page. This is full of these types of symbolic ceremonial elements so you can see if there’s anything that you would love to include.  They are designed to make it that little bit more memorable.

When do I need to contact you, ideally?

The sooner the better as I take bookings for weddings up to 2 years in advance as well as last minute bookings. Therefore, it’s always good to check availability as soon as you can.