wedding elements

Unity Sand Ceremony

This Unity Sand Ceremony is perfect for any wedding. The flowing of the sand symbolises the couple coming together in unison. I also recommend this ritual to involve young children.

Wine Box/Love Letter

You will write love letters to each other before the wedding which you will seal in an envelope. You will choose your favourite bottle of wine or tipple of your choice and place these and any other memorabilia in the wine box. If you choose this ceremony option during the ceremony, you will seal the box and vow not to open the box until an anniversary of your choice, hopefully reminding you of why you fell in love and chose to be together in the first place.

Ring Warming Ceremony

In the Ring Warming Ceremony, your wedding rings are passed among your guests in a pouch or special ring box. Guests are invited to pass on a good thought or good wishes to you as the rings pass through their hands.

Broom Jumping Ceremony

The Broom Jumping Ceremony is based upon a 700 year old Welsh tradition which symbolises the clearing away of negativity with a sweep of the broom and creating a threshold for you both to cross over into your new life together.

Rose Ceremony

In the Rose Ceremony, you can choose to present the rose to your mothers or grandmothers as a way of showing appreciation for their support. The roses can also be presented as the first gifts that you give to each other.

Hand Wrapping/Hand Fasting Ceremony

The origin of “tying the knot”; this Celtic/Pagan tradition, where your hands are tied with ribbons or cloth in the colours of your choice, will symbolise the bringing together of your two hearts in a union of strength and unity forever.

Unity Candle/Unity Lantern

This ritual has long been used in Catholic weddings, but as a traditional ceremony option, it also holds a universal meaning. It symbolises the joining of you both in marriage as well as the joining of your two original families. Your mothers/parents/chosen family members can light your individual candles for you as a symbol to show that you are moving on from your family to create a new one together.

Wishing Jar/Tree

Each guest writes a thought or message to you both on a label/tag. This is then hung on a stylised tree or placed in a jar as a memento of the day.

Wishing tree