About me

About me
About me - Clare O'Riley

Why I became a wedding celebrant

The reason I became a wedding celebrant is quite simple: looking back on my own wedding day, we felt so fortunate to able to share it with so many people.  We hadn’t even heard of a wedding celebrant. We simply had registrar  who didn’t really know us from Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. It felt like all of the wedding ceremonies I had seen before.  They were just reading different names.  It certainly wasn’t about me and my husband. There was no fun, no laughter and certainly nothing personal about it.

Fast forward a few years and I finally felt that the time was right. I wanted be able to offer couples the wedding ceremony that I always wanted myself.  After being invited to a friend’s wedding where they were “married” under a beautiful oak tree while their guests sat on hay bales, I realised that there could be something more about a wedding ceremony.  It could be magical and personal at the same time.  I wanted to become a wedding celebrant!


Hopeless Romantic

After teaching English for 10 years, I wanted to focus my creative and romantic side in another area.  I decided what a wonderful opportunity it would be to be able to write the perfect ceremony for two people who are perfect for each other.

As your Wedding Celebrant, I am able to offer you a ceremony which isn’t restricted on time or venue or theme.  It can incorporate everything from your personalised vows, to involving friends, family, children (and pets!) I can create the ceremony you have always dreamed of.


Devon is a place on Earth

The real bonus of my job is the richness and beauty of the county I call my home.  Devon, which is embraced by Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, has a plethora of beauty spots which are perfect for any wedding ceremony.  From the cliffs of Penzance to the waterfalls of Canonteign. From the beaches of Lyme Regis t0 the countryside of Cheddar.  There are absolutely no restrictions for the idyllic backdrops of your day.  Not only can I write your ceremony, but I can assist in finding the perfect place for you to make your promises to one other.

Take a look at my Frequently Asked Questions if you’d like to know more!