Things to Consider for a Vow Renewal

Vow renewal

.!I love weddings, but a vow renewal has a whole different set of meanings and emotions.  By renewing the vows you made a three or thirty years ago, it means that the journey that you set out on, has been worked on, strived through those truly difficult times and celebrated together in the best times. Of all the things to consider for a vow renewal – its to remember the best times.

Have you ever looked at them and thought “I’d marry you again tomorrow?”

Vow renewals acknowledge the strength you both have when you are together.  They recognise the changes and sacrifices you have made for each other.  No marriage is perfect. Yet time itself honours the commitment that has been shared, the losses suffered and that your love that has come out stronger because of it. It is something that cannot be understood at the beginning of your life together.

As a celebrant, it is not really within my power bless your relationship in any way, because the two of you have already done that in your love and commitment to each other.  A vow renewal is about being in that wonderful moment again. That moment where you proclaim your love to the world, and your friends and family show delight and elation, with and for you.

Old couple in love

So why renew your vows?

I say “Why not?!” Especially in light of the last year, with our lives being turned upside down, now, more than ever, it is important to commemorate love.  It’s the only thing that can’t be prevented or locked down.

It is an expression of all the patience, gratitude, and, as Prince Philip described in 1997, a “tolerance” that has been shared between you to make the marriage a successful one. It is to celebrate how you have grown as individuals but how you have also grown together as a couple.

Your Story

Your love story is an integral part to the ceremony as it looks at your life together. Those side-splitting hilarious moments that always stay with you. Those sad and quite scary moments, that never leave you.  It is, of course, entirely up to you how much you want to share in front of your guests. You may have experienced worrying health issues, or a significant reason why you want to reinforce and celebrate your love for one another.  With me as your celebrant, you can be assured that your story will be told with subtlety, sensitivity and gives you hope and joy for the future.

What does a vow renewal ceremony look like?

Just like your original wedding ceremony, you can have your favourite music, whether it’s “your song” but perhaps an instrumental version? You can include fun readings that are meaningful to you both and your marriage.  Why not include your friends or family members to take part in a reading to make it more memorable.

When it comes to saying your vows, you can choose to repeat those important vows you made on your wedding day.  I can also help you to write something more from the heart.  Or it can be a mixture of both!

Do we exchange rings again?

It is entirely your choice.  You could take off your rings and give them to one another again. Or, you could keep them on and hold one another’s hands while we bless your rings.  You could even think outside the box! Maybe find something symbolic to give to one another, something precious and unique to you as a couple.  The possibilities are endless.

Are you going to be celebrating your first, tenth, or twenty-fifth wedding anniversary soon? Would you like to commemorate the occasion with something extra special, Contact me and we can talk through the possibilities!

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