So You Think You’d Like a Harry Potter Wedding?

harry potter wedding

Themed weddings are right on the button at the moment. With the effects of lockdown and lack of contact with loved ones, we all need some laughter and fun so it’s no wonder that Hogwarts-mad brides and grooms everywhere are wanting something a bit, well, crazy for their Harry Potter wedding ceremony.

And when you have me as your celebrant – I can do as crazy as you like, with a guarantee that your ceremony will be like no other! Your friends and family will always remember it – but there is unique and there is… going the whole hog(warts)!

I recently had a video call with a couple who were both mad about Harry Potter (he didn’t like to admit that he was as big a fan as his lovely lady but I could tell…)

It happened by sheer accident when they asked about formality and how creative I could be.  My eyes immediately lit up and said,

“Well – if you want me to conduct your ceremony as a character, I’m game!”

After all this time? – Always.

In return, both their eyes lit up (the groom tried to hide it, but failed miserably) and they both said, almost synchronised and rehearsed

“What about Harry Potter?” their eyes waiting tentatively for the answer.

“I don’t think I’d make a good Dumbledore,” I said after a millisecond of pretend thought, “but Bellatrix Lestrange – now we’re talking!”

I’d heard stories about themed weddings but hadn’t actually considered that I, the celebrant, would be required to dress up in costume (and quite outrageous costume at that!).  How would I be taken seriously?  What if I didn’t quite get it right – I mean, Helena Bonham-Carter is a flippin’ good actress…. But if that’s what they wanted – I would be more than happy to oblige. We celebrants are renowned for our flexibility when it came to wedding ceremonies. Hell, I’d impersonate Hagrid if that’s what they wanted…!

“Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Truth be known, dear reader, I didn’t have to do much research – having spent most of my 20s reading the books and subsequently watching the films, first with friends and most recently with my daughter, I couldn’t wait to see how this ceremony would unfold before my very eyes. All it needed was a touch of  – er – magic?

I mean, just how evil could I possibly be as Miss Lestrange? (Cue high-pitched Bellatrix squeal).

In your personalised wedding ceremony script, I can include:

  • characters
  • famous quotes
  • music
  • lines from the books

We mean it wholeheartedly when we say we do unique.

Only a celebrant could write a themed Harry Potter wedding ceremony, and we see it through in style “until the very end”.

Contact me to find out how I can make YOUR themed ceremony more fun, more memorable and more personal to you.

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