Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a new baby is a joyous occasion; your new member of your precious family has arrived after months of waiting. Holding a naming ceremony is a wonderful way of letting you really enjoy introducing baby to family, friends and loved ones.

Naming Ceremony can help you bringing your family and friends together on this beautiful occasion.  It’s also a lovely opportunity to take part in a smaller more intimate ritual, such as a time capsule with messages of love and photographs and memories that you can share with your child on, perhaps, their 18th Birthday or special occasion.

You might want something visual such as a wishing tree which can be included instead of a guest book.  This gives all of your guests a chance to share their own dreams, wishes and desires for the baby and is a perfect keepsake to read and share as your child grows older.

If you have lots of small children attending (or big kids!), why not end with bubble blowing – fun for everyone and great for photographs of the ceremony!

The best part about having a Family Celebrant lead your ceremony is that you can hold your naming ceremony wherever you wish! It could be at your home and garden, your local park or village hall and have it decorated however you want.

It also gives you the chance to announce your love, dedication and devotion to your new child, and introduce your chosen adults to care for your child – some people call them Guideparents, some prefer Oddparents – whatever the term, wherever the place, it will be perfect for you all.

As a Family Celebrant, I can include everything that you want in to your child’s ceremony. If you have religious beliefs, it can contain religious/semi religious or spiritual elements or if you don’t have a faith, you could include a reading from a favourite children’s book.  If it means something to you – it can be included.


If there are older siblings, they also can play their part within the ceremony; perhaps to present a gift or sharing a favourite toy with their new brother or sister. There are also lots of fun poems and readings which are great for young children to read themselves!

You can choose the music that you want to include, for when you are bringing baby into the ceremony and for when the ceremony has finished.  You could also incorporate a small ritual such as a naming ribbon where everyone holds the ribbon in a circle that begins and ends with your baby.

Whatever you choose to include, I am here to create a warm and wonderful occasion for you, your family and friends which normally lasts around 20 minutes, and which can be as formal or as informal as you wish.

The Ceremony script will be presented in a folder, with certificates for parents, siblings, grandparents and guide parents which personalised with their promises and are beautiful keepsakes of a happy and loving occasion.