Love will find a way…

Love will find a way…

Over the last couple of weeks, the world has become a different place.

Especially for you brides and grooms and families and friends who have had to rearrange your plans, your dreams and your excitement and happiness unknowing when it might change for the better.  I am thinking of you all.

I have had many phone calls, messages, FaceTimes and emails from couples who were hoping to get married in the upcoming weeks and months.

“What can we do?” “How can our wedding go ahead?” “What are our choices?”

Weddings are stressful at any time, that’s no secret – but throw in a Coronavirus Pandemic and suddenly all those tiny details have had to be at best, postponed and at worse, cancelled.

Brides and grooms are having to find new ways to celebrate their love with their friends and family – but with only 2 people and no contact from other households – this is proving difficult.

Until the introduction of House Party and Zoom.

Last Friday and Saturday night, large groups of people got together and partied together like it was 1999 via ‘Zoom’, the free worldwide video conferencing app which allows up to 100 people share the same experience as if they were in the same room…

Therefore it is absolutely possible that you can hold a virtual wedding ceremony via Zoom, say your vows, allow your guests to hear your story and it has already started happening!

So your living room or garden may be less intimate than your chosen venue but it does observe the strict restrictions and social distancing rules that have been put into place, keeping everyone at a safe distance from one another and yet enjoying the ceremony that you wanted them to see.

And the best part of it all? No itchy dresses, no awkward small talk and no family feuds! Everyone will just watch you and your partner be together in the way you planned and with the words you wanted to say.

This option is what so many couples have already chosen to do worldwide – allowing their closest friends and family to attend the wedding without the worry of travelling to the venue or potentially contracting the virus.

 “Once this is over, we will laugh, drink and eat cake…”

Don’t feel that you have to cancel your wedding date – just postpone it; find another date, perhaps in the autumn where you can arrange for your families and friends to see you have the day you always planned and wanted.  Arrange with your current venue to try to change the date – they should go out of their way to help you. The quicker you do this the better as 2021 is going to be a busy year for weddings!

A lot of suppliers may be booked up with an influx of couples wanting to change their dates to a different weekend – as well as the bookings they already had.  Week day weddings offer a little bit more flexibility for a particular date or month that you had set your heart on.  It also may be a cheaper option than a Saturday wedding.

Research is showing that couples are choosing to get married on a Friday or a Sunday now for peace of mind that their venue is going to be available, that suppliers may be able to offer a discount and it is as close to the date that they wanted, should it not be available.

According to Folklore – the best day to get married was a Wednesday – as it was considered the luckiest. Something to think about!

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